Warm Hands

I love to combine my different interests. One way I’ve done this is in a series of watercolour paintings (is 3 a series?) of various craft works-in-progress. It was fun working on these paintings. The only downside was that I couldn’t work on the craft project until the painting was finished. And I’m a very slow painter.

This painting is a still-life of a knitting basket full of yarn, and a pair of mittens in the process of being knit. I call it Warm Hands.

Warm Hands

The first mitten is finished. The second is on the needles. The little scissors on the right side of the painting are a common element in each painting. I thought it would be fun to have something to tie them together.

Here are a couple of detail shots.

Warm Hands Detail 1

The basket was, let’s just say, a “challenge.” Why do I set myself up for this level of frustration? One of life’s little mysteries.

Warm Hands Detail 2

Here you can see the gold coloured stitch holder – it’s holding the stitches that will eventually become the thumb.

One day I’ll post another of the paintings. One is a cross-stitch in progress. The other is a quilt block.

And, in case you are wondering, I did eventually finish the mittens.

Green mittens


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