Space Girl

This past fall I went to the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas, with my quilt group, and friends (6 + 2 people in all). We were there from October 30 to November 5, 2007. That was the second time I’d been. It’s an amazing show (and sale). It’s so huge, it’s hard to describe it.

I took three classes there this year. Class number one was called Story Fragments, and was taught by quilt artist Leslie Riley. In this class we created a small wall quilt depicting a scene, or fragment, from a story. The story was one we made up ourselves.

Here is the start of my story fragment quilt. I call her Space Girl.

Space Girl 1

She is out on her own on a strange planet that has two suns, doing some sort of maintenance work.

The background and foreground fabrics were painted with Golden Fluid acrylics. They were painted in the class. The suns were cut from fabric I had painted previously using Colour Vie pigments, smooshed around using a plastic pot scrubber. The rest of the fabrics are commercial ones. The face was computer printed, and was provided by the teacher.

This picture shows my progress to date. The main parts are attached with fusible web, and so far I have stitched around Space Girl and one (and a bit) of the suns. I’ve also attached a piece of fibre across the bottom using couching.

Once the stitching is finished, and the embellishing is done, the text of the story will be written in ink all over the background of the piece. Stay tuned.

P.S. Check out Lesley Riley’s blog here.


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