Creativ Festival

The Spring version of the Creativ Festival was last weekend in Toronto (okay, technically in Mississauga, since it was at the International Centre over by Pearson Airport). Yeah, this is old news now, but since I am slow at everything, I might as well be slow at writing about this, too.

The spring show is the small one, no classes but free seminars and talks instead. It was pretty good. I think in the past two years the spring show has improved after having slipped in content. I had some luck with shopping, even though there weren’t many yarn shops there this year. I think that was partly due to the fact that the Knitters’ Frolic was on the same Saturday. I’m sure a lot of the shops were there instead of at the Creativ Festival.

I haven’t been buying much in stash stuff lately, because I just have so much that it’s starting to weigh me down. I have enough fabric, thread, beads and even knitting yarn to last me a long time. I’m also very low on shelf space for books or magazines. In short, I’m pretty topped out. Even I’m a little surprised to admit that. I love shopping for crafty things, and consider lovely supplies to be collectible for their own sakes. There’s nothing like going through the fabric stash, or fondling yummy, soft yarns to soothe the soul on a rainy day. But my soul is speaking to me, and what it’s saying is “enough.” It’s time to use up some of this stuff.

So, I did not buy any fabric or yarn or beads. I bought a couple of pairs of tiny thread scissors, which I am always losing. I bought a lovely shawl pin from Village Yarns to use on the Flower Basket Shawl I knit myself last winter from wonderful Green Acres Alpaca Farm alpaca. It’s a doughnut shaped stone with a hand-turned wood pin. It looks lovely on the natural tan of the shawl. I’ll have to take pictures of it being used on the shawl, but here it is:


I picked up a copy of Victorian Lace Today, by Jane Sowerby. I’d been looking at this one for ages. It has the most beautiful lace patterns for shawls, scarves and more.

I also bought a copy of Crochet Me, by Kim Werker. Now, I can crochet, I just don’t. I generally prefer the look and feel of knitting to that of crochet. I also prefer the act of knitting. But there were some really nice patterns in there, including a crocheted top and a tote bag that I might just make one day.

I sat in on a seminar on knitting with beads given by Flo Flory. It was interesting. I’ve been wanting to try this for some time. I think I’d like to try a hands-on class one of these days.

And, speaking of beads, I picked up two issues of a new Canadian beading magazine called Canadian It’s a small format magazine with patterns and articles. I bought the first two issues, Fall 2007 (the one shown on their web site), and January 2008. There should be a new issue out now, according to the January issue it was due out in April 2008. I will have to check out the newsstands to see if I can find it.


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