Socks and Blocks

I finally got down to some sewing last Saturday. I had a deadline – that usually helps with the motivation. I was making a quilt block as a contribution to a group quilt. I think it’s safe to post about it here, as the recipient would have no way of knowing that this was me, and the quilt was for her.

Anyway, it was a pretty simple, traditional block called Churn Dash. Nothing I haven’t made before. But I struggled with the first seam, ripped and restitched it twice, all the while wondering what was wrong with my sewing machine. And then I finally realized that I had the piping foot on it, which was causing no end of distortion in the seam. Once I changed the foot things improved, and the block got sewn.


The thing that made me sad, though, was the realization that if the piping foot was still on the machine it meant that I hadn’t used it since I finished sewing up the last of the kitchen chair cushion covers. That was at the end of January. That was three months ago! I haven’t sewn anything for three months! I must do something to fix that. Sewing makes me happy.

(I could post about the marathon that was the kitchen chair cushions, but that can wait for another day).

Anyway, I drove up to Uxbridge to drop off the block, and on the way home I stopped in at On The Lamb, the yarn shop on the lower level of the Tin Mill Restaurant. It’s a nice shop, with a very friendly owner. I wanted to pick up some more sizes of bamboo double pointed needles for sock knitting. But I couldn’t resist the lure of the yarn, and ended up buying a ball of very pretty sock yarn, SRK On Your Toes bamboo/nylon blend in a very pretty, summery colourway. Now, I know last post I said I wasn’t buying any stash yarn, but everyone knows that sock yarn doesn’t count. It’s like fat quarters. Small, useful and inexpensive. And, look at this, who could resist?

On Your Toes Bamboo 1

Each of the four plies is a different colour: pink, blue, yellow and grey.

Anyway, I finished my previous pair of socks, the black and grey that I posted about previously, so I need to start another pair. Although I’m working a gauge swatch for a pair of Cakewaffle Socks right now, so I guess they will come first. Then I want to make something light and lacy for summer.


Knitting also makes me happy.


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