On the Road to Minnesota

I’ve been working on getting the quilting done on this mystery quilt that I did with my quilt group.


It’s called “On the Road to Minnesota,” and was designed by Border Creek Station Pattern Company, Newmarket, ON. It was the 2006-07 mystery quilt, offered through my lqs, Quilters Cupboard in Uxbridge, ON. I did finish the quilt top by the end of the season, but it has taken me a while to get down to the quilting.

I am machine quilting it, and so far have finished most of the in-the-ditch quilting. Here is how it looks so far:


It’s a lap quilt size. I’m happy with how it has turned out so far.

The fabrics were chosen without knowing what the pattern looked like, or where they would appear in the quilt – an exercise in letting go, for sure. Then we received instructions in monthly instalments, and the mystery was slowly revealed to us. Although a couple of my fabrics look very similar once cut up into small pieces, I think the fabric choices worked well, overall. I even used up some stash fabric.


One thing I have learned, though, is to never, ever again thread baste a quilt that I’m going to machine quilt. Why I thought that was a good idea, I’ll never know. Other than the fact that I hate pin basting – it’s hard on the hands, no matter what tricks I try. But during quilting, the basting thread kept getting caught up in the walking foot, causing all sorts of problems. And it was tricky to remove, because the needle pierced the basting thread all over the place, locking it into the quilting. Phew, what a pain.

Next step is to do some fancier quilting in the larger areas of the sashing and borders. Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “On the Road to Minnesota

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