Cakewaffle Socks, Part 2


The first sock is finished. And here it is. It’s been blocked, and it fits like a, well, sock.


The second sock is well underway, thanks in large part to my being too tired this past week to ravel for hours on end. Instead, I’ve been watching tv and working on sock number 2. I’m trying hard to clear some previously recorded shows from the PVR before the fall season starts and I begin filling it up again. I think it’s important to have goals in life, don’t you?

So, sock number 2 is going well. I’ve already done the cuff, the heel, and am well into the instep already. No pictures yet for the second ever short-row heel, but I can report that it went smoothly with help from the excellent instructions and photographs in the Tsarina of Tsocks booklet Tsocks 101 (available as a kit from vanCalcar Acres Sheep Farm). The Tsarina writes very clear and detailed directions that I can follow even when cross-eyed tired.

The Cakewaffle sock is designed by Wendy Moreland, and is available on Ravelry.


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