Cakewaffle Socks, Part 3

They’re finished!

Here they are, all two of them:


And on some feets:


Here is a close-up of the second-ever short-row heel. You might be able to see from the photo that the turns and wraps are a little neater and more even than on the first one. Or maybe it’s one of those things that only I can see. Who knows?


The important thing is that I am pleased with them. And that they fit and are comfortable to wear. I’m glad that I made the ankle a little longer than the pattern called for (6 pattern repeats instead of 4). It makes them a little less of an anklet and more of a regular sock.

Now I have to pick a new sock to start on. What should I make next? Hmmmm….

Pattern: Cakewaffle Socks by Wendy Moreland. Available on Ravelry.


5 thoughts on “Cakewaffle Socks, Part 3

  1. Thanks Rho and Ktb38!

    They are very comfy, and they softened up very nicely during wet blocking.

    I’m happy with the colours, too. Can’t beat chocolate cake and cream icing!

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