Free-Motion Feathers Practice

I was doing some more free-motion quilting practice today. I am still working towards quilting the feathers on my On the Road to Minnesota quilt. Today I was trying out using Golden Threads Quilting Paper to mark the quilting pattern on the fabric.

First I traced the pattern onto the paper with a white chalk pencil. I used white so it would show up on this dark fabric.


Then, I pinned the pattern to the quilt sandwich (2 fabric layers, with batting in between)


This photo shows the sample after I stitched the feather pattern.


Once the stitching is done, I tore off the paper. It tears off pretty easily from around the outside, and from the larger areas. In the small areas it’s a little harder to remove. Smaller stitches make it easier to remove, too.



These pictures show the finished stitching.



I found this method of marking pretty easy to use. The paper stays in place without too many pins, and it’s very easy to follow the stitch line.

I think I’m getting the hang of stitching the feathers. The back-tracking needed to work around each feather element is getting easier with practice. I think I’ll do a few more and then tackle the actual quilt.

Reference books:

Guide to Machine Quilting, by Diane Gaudynski

Quilt Savvy, by Diane Gaudynski

Heirloom Machine Quilting, by Harriet Hargrave


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