More Quilt Marking

I was trying out a tip I’d read about making multiple copies of a design on Golden Threads quilting paper. The idea is to use the sewing machine with no thread in the needle, and go over the pattern, through several layers of the paper, thus creating copies with the pattern rendered in punched holes.

copying pattern with needle

The picture above shows the sewing process. It was pretty easy to do. The only thing I had to watch for was not to get the holes too close together, so the whole thing wouldn’t fall apart.

The picture below shows the original, and two punched copies of the pattern.

copies of pattern

The next picture shows the punched pattern over the fabric. As you can see, it’s hard to see it over light fabric.

paper punched pattern on fabric

And here is my attempt at stitching the feather using the punched pattern. If you look close, you can see how often I missed the lines. It was so hard to see that I was guessing a lot of the time.

close-up after stitching

The pattern does show up a little bit better on dark fabric.

pattern on darker fabric

Over-all I am not impressed with this method. Although it’s fast, I really need to be able to see the pattern while I am quilting. Maybe if I was more experienced with free-motion quilting, I wouldn’t need the pattern as much and would be okay with not seeing it as well. But I am not, so I do.

I guess I am back to simple tracing. At least I only need 7 copies for this quilt.


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