More Bamboo Seduction Socks, etc.

Finally, an update! Life has been intruding into my crafting (and blogging) time – how rude!

The Bamboo Seduction Socks are finished. I finished them on Sept. 22/08, quite a while ago. I have washed them, but haven’t worn them yet. They do feel comfy when on the feet. I am hoping that the bamboo/nylon blend yarn wears better than some of the commercially available bamboo socks. I don’t plan to knit any more socks with it until I find out. It’s too much work to end up with premature wear.


I like the way the pattern shows up when they are on my feet. It’s subtle but still there.

I liked knitting this pattern, and would make it again. It was easy to follow, and the instructions were very clear to keep the pattern aligned properly down the foot when working the heel and instep.

And now I am half-way through a pair of baby socks. They are so cute. The pattern is from Better Than Booties Baby Socks, by Ann Budd. This one is the Cable Rib Socks. The pattern is available for free from Interweave Press.

green-baby-socks-012 green-baby-socks-009

I am using Austermann Step sock yarn, a wool/nylon blend that has aloe vera and jojoba oil in it. It’s lovely and soft. It is being worked on 2 mm double pointed needles.

The pattern is pretty easy to follow. It uses a different method of stitch wrapping for the short-row heel and toe. The heel and toe are worked the same, and then a zigzag bind-off is used to graft the toe to the top of the sock. It is a bit finicky working with such small needles on such a tiny sock, but it’s fun, too.

The socks are for a gift for our lovely neighbours, who are having their first baby sometime this month. Fortunately they don’t take long to knit up. I might just make a matching cap, if I can find a pattern I like.

I’d like to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!


3 thoughts on “More Bamboo Seduction Socks, etc.

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  2. I purchased your book Getting Started Knitting Socks and enjoy it very much. I began my sock sojourn this Autumn of 2008.
    I have a dilemma. You mentioned using reinforcing yarn for wool and cotton socks stating that it can be purchased in yarn shops. Well, not in the yarn shops that I have tried. Even online I could not find any at Knitpicks or Joann’s. In fact, the gal from Joann’s suggested that I ask you where you purchase yours. So I am asking, Where?
    Laura-Jean Miller

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