One Down, Nine To Go

Of course, I decided to go for the more complicated feather pattern, of the two I posted last time. I didn’t even bother to make a trial – I just decided to jump right in. So, here goes:

The pattern, traced on Golden Threads paper, and pinned to the quilt.


Partway through sewing. It wasn’t that much harder than the smaller feathers, but it did take longer to stitch. About 45 minutes to stitch the whole design.


All stitched.


Removing the Golden Threads paper. With the background of the paper removed, you can really see the pattern of the feathers. It took about 15 minutes to remove all of the paper, including using tweezers to get the tiny fiddly bits out.


And here it is, all done!


Just nine more to trace, stitch and remove the paper. Ha, nothing to it!

Pattern: On the Road to Minnesota, by Border Creek Station.


4 thoughts on “One Down, Nine To Go

  1. Thanks!

    And as for commission work – gee, sure, why not? As soon as I finish all of my personal UFO’s I’d be happy to help you out. Let’s see, think you can wait until, oh, 2025 or so? ;-)

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