Chocolate Sundae Fair Isle Mitts

I finally finished the fingerless mitts that I wrote about earlier. I was having trouble with the gauge, having completely forgotten that the tension would be different in Fair Isle (and possibly when working in the round, too). I fixed that by switching to the needles called for in the pattern. D’oh.

The pattern is Fresco Fair Isle Mitts, by Pam Allen, from the Fall 2008 issue of Interweave Knits. This photo shows the backs of the hands.


The yarn is a very nice hand-dyed wool from Hand Jive, called Nature’s Palette Fingering. It’s the yarn I bought from the Carolina Homespun booth when I was at the NYS Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck in October. I used four colours: chocolate, lilacs (the darker purple), cream and a one-off lighter purple labelled as “its a mystery.” I liked knitting with this yarn. It was pretty soft. There were a couple of thin spots that I had to break and spit-splice back together, and a couple of thick spots, but over-all it was pretty even. And the yarn became even softer when I wet blocked the mitts. All of the lumpy unevenness of my stitching flattened out nicely, too.

This photo shows the palm sides of the mitts.


And here is one of them on my hand (the other hand was holding the camera).


I have already worn them once, while having coffee with a friend at our local, very chilly Tim Hortons (seriously, it’s so cold in there that I put on my long underwear before going). They were nice and warm and soft. I tend to be cold a lot, so fingerless mitts won’t be my first choice for outdoor winter wear, but I think I’ll use them in the fall, or indoors in the winter when it’s chilly. I have quite a lot of yarn left over, so I plan to knit myself a little hat to match. I’m thinking of Calorimetry, once I decide what I want to do to work in more than one colour. That would be nice for fall, too.


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