Snowflake ATCs

I’ve stitched up a few more artist trading cards (ATCs). This time I made nine of them on a theme, and worked on them at the same time. This is a far more efficient way to do them than one at a time.

For a theme, I decided to use snowflakes, specifically the kind we all made in school using folded paper and scissors.

Here is what I did, step-by-step.

First I fused the background fabric to some batting (a scrap of Hobbs Heirloom), and the white snowflake fabric to some Steam-a-Seam 2 fusible web, leaving the paper backing on.

background fabric & batting snowflake fabric with fusable web

Then I cut some squares from the fusible backed snowflake fabric. Because the size of the ATCs is 2.5″ x 3.5″, I cut squares ranging in size from 2″ to 2.5″.

cutting squares

Then I folded a square of snowflake fabric in four. With paper snowflakes, I would usually fold the paper once more, diagonally from folded corner to open corner, but the combination of fabric and paper backing of the fusible web was too thick.

folded snowflake fabric

Being careful not to cut off all of the folded edges, I cut some shapes out of the square. I tried to make symmetrical cuts along a corner-to-corner line, to create the effect that it would have had if I’d been able to make that diagonal fold.

cut snowflake

Here is the unfolded snowflake. You can see that it isn’t perfectly symmetrical because of the nature of cutting the layers of fabric and paper, but I like the little variations.

unfolded snowflake

This is what the snowflake looks like against the background fabric.

snowflake on background fabric

The next thing I did was use a white fabric pen to mark out a grid of rectangles 2.5″ by 3.5″, which will be the edges of the ATCs once they are cut apart. After cutting out some more snowflakes, I fused them down on the background fabric, keeping their placement on the grid in mind. I tried not to put them right in the centre of the rectangles so they would look more interesting.

snowflakes on background

The next step was embellishing the snowflakes with stitching. You can see that I also added little squares of white fabric into the centres of a few of them. These squares were joined to the larger sections with stitching. On some of them, I also stitched some other snowflakes with thread. It was a lot easier stitching with a larger piece of fabric than it would have been with small ATC-sized rectangles. All of the stitching was done free-motion.

stitched snowflakes

Next, I cut them apart. Now I have nine ATCs. All they need is to be stitched to backing and they are almost done.

snowflakes cut apart

To back them, I cut 2.5″ x 3.5″ rectangles of heavy Vilene interfacing fabric and basted them to the cards by stitching all the way around, close to the outside edges. Then I satin stitched all around to finish the edges.

As a final touch, I decided to embellish them further with crystals. These are 3 mm clear Swarovski crystals that are applied using a L’Orna Decorative Touch wand.

satin stitched, adding crystals

This is a close-up of one of the finished snowflakes.

finished snowflake

And here are all nine – all finished!

nine snowflake ATCs

(click for larger image)

Threads used:

for embellishment: Sulky rayon 30 wt. in colours 2209 and 1165; Coats rayon colour twist 35 wt. in colour 740.

for satin stitch edging: Valdani variegated 35 wt. cotton in colour Blue Clouds M68.

Just for fun: Make some snowflakes using your computer.


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