A Philosophy of Crafting

A friend sent me a link to this great blog entry about Slow Cloth, a philosophical approach to crafting that really struck a chord with me. The writer, Elaine Lipson, lists 10 qualities of crafting that she feels define Slow Cloth. Most of them have to do with the process of crafting, with concepts like the contemplative nature of it, the potential for joy, the honouring of beauty and quality. She also mentions honouring the lineage, and our teachers.

I have always felt very connected to the past when I knit or quilt. I think of the millions of women and men before me who spent hours creating in much the same way that I do now. Through crafting I feel a part of a long line of creative people who came before me, and who will follow after me.

I have also always been a process-oriented crafter. I knit and sew because I love doing it. I am not concerned with turning out large numbers of finished products. I don’t want to go faster. I want to take my time, enjoy the process, overcome a new challenge, learn a new technique. I want it to be a rewarding and relaxing activity that feeds my soul.

The world of crafting is full of efforts to speed things up and make things easier – two things I find I have little interest in doing. Not that I have any issue with people who want to go faster or cut corners – for many people getting it done is their main goal. It just isn’t mine.

It was nice to read that I am far from alone in my attitude.


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