Quilting Blogs and Such

Thanks to the ever-informative newsletter from Superior Threads, I recently discovered the blog of quilting blogs, Quilter Blogs. I guess you could call it a meta-blog, it tracks dozens of quilting blogs and posts snippets of entries from all over the quilting blogosphere. I have just started following it, so I don’t know how often it posts entries, or how on-topic the entries are. But it looks interesting.

Another new entry to the online Quilting world is QuiltGroup.com – a social networking site for quilters. Still in the very early beta-testing stage, it looks very promising as a place for quilters to chat with each other in various forums, create albums to show their quilts and works-in-progress, and share tips and techniques. If you are interested in getting in as a beta-tester, all you need to do is submit your email address. I joined recently, and it looks like it has the potential to become a terrific destination and resource for quilters.

I have also recently joined The Quilt Show, thanks to a gift certificate from a good friend. The Quilt Show is where Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims hang out these days. It’s basically a tv show that is viewable on your computer. The site also has a lot of other features: forums, chat, Block of the Month project, members’ blogs and quilt gallery, and a lot more. You can also purchase the show on DVD. I have not decided yet whether I like watching tv on my computer – my desk chair is just not as comfy as my chesterfield.  You definitely need a relatively new computer and a high-speed internet connection to get any real benefit from this site.

The Quilt Show is not the first to bring quilting tv to the internet. First on the block was QNN tv. I used to watch this back when it was all free, and shows were streamed on a schedule, much like a tv station. Now you can only view a few sample shows for free, but joining gives you access to the library of shows to watch whenever you want to. Some of them are shows that are broadcast on PBS stations. I haven’t joined this yet (see above, re: chesterfield).

Of course, there is always youtube. A quick search using terms like “quilting tutorial” or “quilting tips” yields a large range of interesting things to watch.

It’s no wonder I don’t get much actual quilting (or knitting) done – the internet has so many things to read, watch, and participate in that it sucks up huge chunks of my free time.


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