In Between

Now that my quilt is finished, all the way down to the label, I am in that in-between state. What should I work on next? I have a few UFOs hanging around waiting for attention. I have a couple of kits that haven’t been started yet. I have a new table runner project sitting here waiting, pattern and fabrics all ready to go. But so far, nothing is calling my name. So, what to do next?

Cut scraps, that’s what. I have spent the last couple of days cutting scraps into strips. It’s a very relaxing activity on a cold winter day, as the snow drifts down outside.


I don’t have tonnes of scraps, since I haven’t finished that many projects, but I do have some. Some are already in strips, but a bunch were just pieces of various sizes. The first decision was what size to cut. After consulting this very nice site, Quiltville, by scrap quilter and designer Bonnie Hunter. I decided that I’d stick with 1 1/2 inch and 2 inch strips, with some 1 inch strips when the fabric is too narrow for the other sizes. Someday these will become a log cabin, or a pineapple, or something similar. Or something altogether different – who knows?


Plus, I am cutting and saving the selvage edges, with the intention of making something with them. I’ve got friends saving them for me, too. I haven’t decided what I’ll make yet, but it will likely be something small, like ATCs or postcards, or maybe a little bag. There are some wonderful ideas on the Selvage Blog and some how-to information on the associated site, Selvage Quilts.



2 thoughts on “In Between

  1. I’m a new quilter and I’m trying to trim my scraps into specific sizes after I finish a project. I’m using Bonnie Hunters system too. Unlike you, I don’t find it relaxing. Cutting is my least favorite part of quilting, though I do hope to enjoy it more as time goes on!

  2. Hi Jackie! Thanks for your comment. Cutting is usually my least favourite part of quilting, too. I don’t know why it has been relaxing to cut these scraps – perhaps because there is no real pressure involved? If I mess up I can just toss them out, unlike when cutting for an actual quilt project. Normally I just want to get through the cutting and on to the sewing.

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