Rhinebeck ’09 – The Stuff

Yes, there was stuff purchased at Rhinebeck this year – not as much as last year, since I haven’t used all of that up yet – but some stuff all the same. See? Here it is:

Rhinebeck purchases

But before going into detail about the purchases, I did receive a couple of gifts. Maryw1968 made these cute little cupcake bags for a bunch of us in the Very Longest Thread (since nicknamed “Fred” – long story). Thanks again, Mary!


And my Rhinebeck Roomie, Pixisis, made me these lovely socks. They’re made from yarn from last year’s Rhinebeck, and she made us both a pair so we match! Thanks again, Pixisis – you rawk! (The pattern is Welsh Traveling Socks, by Sheri Franz)


Now, the yarn:

First up, two skeins of Brooks Farm Yarn in a wool/silk blend in worsted weight, called Four Play, which I want to use to knit the Riverbanks hood from Fall 2009 Knitty. One skein of Holiday Yarns sock yarn in a colour called Bruised Ego.

Brooks Farm worsted 1 Holiday Yarns Bruised Ego 1

Two skeins of this Holiday Yarns sock yarn in a lovely rust “Yarn Fairy” (i.e. not a regular) colour, and a kit to make the Tsarina of Tsocks Imbas. I had to buy both skeins of the rust sock yarn, because Gwynivar said it matched my hair (it wasn’t my fault, honest).

Holiday Yarns yarn fairy rust 1Imbas sock kit

I picked up some roving from Gnomespun Yarns – actually a combed top in a colour called Emerald Depths.

Gnomespun Emerald Depths 1

And to practice spinning while on the trip, I just had to buy another spindle – this one is from Jesh. You can see my practice spinning, using a bit of roving also purchased from the Holiday Yarns booth.


I also brought home a pretty little project bag from the Ravelry party that contained a ball of KnitPicks yarn, a couple of cute little sample skeins, another bag from namaste and some coupons and hand-outs.

All-in-all a pretty good haul, if I might say so myself.


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