Quilting Retreat

Last weekend I went on a quilting retreat. This was through my quilting guild, and was the sort of retreat in which everyone works on their own projects (as opposed to group projects, or taking classes). It was a lot of fun, and also quite productive.

We stayed in three chalets in Blue Mountain, near Collingwood, Ontario. Each chalet held 8 of us (although they would sleep more, we could really only fit 8 of us, with sewing machines, around the large dining table).


This is the chalet that my group stayed in. It’s on three levels, with bedrooms and bathrooms on the main and basement levels, and a large, open living room, kitchen and dining room upstairs.


Here is a view of the Blue Mountain ski slopes, taken from our second-level deck. We had a lovely view.


We set up our machines on the dining table. Here are (from l-r) Anne, Elaine and Trish already at work.


The set-up from another angle – Anne and Marjorie are at work in this one. My spot is just to the right of Anne, with the little machine with the plastic bin sitting just behind it. I worked on a long-standing UFO, an off-kilter take on a scrappy rail fence quilt. I’ll write about it in a separate post.


Here you can see some of the other work areas we had set up. The ironing station, a table for cutting, and Elaine’s very cool portable design wall. In this picture it is showing off Marjorie’s quilt top, but it did lots of other work over the weekend.


Of course, it was not all work and no play. We had a lot of fun, ate a lot of food, and drank a little wine. Here Paulette and Marjorie are setting up some lunch for us on Saturday – we barely made a dent in it!


Eating lunch around the big coffee table are (from l-r) Elaine, Trish, Anne, Karen and Audrey. Do we look like we are having fun? Well, we sure were.

We had a relaxed drive up, stopping in Cookstown for lunch and a stop at the Country Concessions Quilt Shop there. We arrived at the chalets early Friday afternoon and spent Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday morning working on our projects. On Saturday morning, some of the group took off for a visit to a local quilt shop. At various other times, people went for walks, or visited the rest of our group in the other two chalets. In addition to working on my quilt, I also managed to get some knitting and spindle spinning done. It was a very successful weekend get-away!

Edited to add: link to the Crooked Rail Fence post.


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