Crooked Rail Fence, Take One

Happy New Year! I hope that you had a great Christmas and New Year. I had a great holiday, and have been feeling determined to get a lot of projects done this year. I still have a couple of projects from 2009 to write about, but I need to get some pictures of them first, so they will have to wait.

This is just a quick update on the Crooked Rail Fence quilts that I described in an earlier post. I finished stitching and trimming all of the blocks for two quilt tops. I have 160 blocks, and am going to make two quilts of 8×10 blocks each. At 6” square finished size per block, that means the quilt top will be 4 feet by 5 feet – which I think is a good size for a lap quilt. I haven’t decided yet if these quilts will get borders. I’ll wait to see if they seem to need them or not.

Here is a picture of the first quilt, up on my portable design wall (click photo to embiggen):

I’m pretty happy with it. Now to get sewing the blocks together. Unfortunately, my design wall isn’t big enough to lay out both quilt tops at the same time, so I am just going to trust that the second one will look as nice as this one does. The blocks are mostly randomly placed, with the exception that I tried to make sure that the same fabrics are never touching each other. Of course, I keep spotting places that I missed, and every time I move a couple of blocks around to keep same fabrics from touching in one place, I create the same thing somewhere else. In fact, I just spotted another one – hang on while I fix it. At some point (like now, perhaps?) I will just have to give up on that, go with what I have, and live with the results. Wish me luck!


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