Little Fishies

When I decided to participate in an ATC swap at my local art gallery last month, I realized that I didn’t have enough made to join in and still have some left over for future swaps or for gifts. So, I hunkered down and made another batch. For inspiration, I looked back to the first ATC I made, back in December of 2008. It was an underwater themed card:

Under the Sea ATC, 2008

This time I made a whole batch of them at once. Here they are in progress, still all in one piece:

Under the Sea set, 2010

You can see the grid lines I drew on the fabric, and at this stage I have fused on the leaves and sea life.  The leaves are cut from two different fabrics, one a leafy print and another that looked a bit like coral to me. The shells and starfish are cut from a novelty print, and the little fish are cut from another print. When placing the items, I tried to work with the background fabric, taking note of the placement of the little schools of fish.

After fusing, I stitched around the edges of the fused pieces with rayon thread, and used rayon thread to add some extra plant growth using a thread-painting technique. After cutting the cards apart, I then sewed a satin-stitch border around each one, to attach the card to the backing of heavy Vilene interfacing. And here they are:

Under the Sea set, 2010

Here are a couple of close-up shots, click on them for larger views.

Under the Sea 1-6

Under the Sea 7-14

These little projects are a fun way to use some of those novelty prints that we all seem to accumulate. I have several fat quarters of odd and interesting things that might one day make it into ATCs or postcards.


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