The Tour de Fleece, Week One

One week into the Tour de Fleece, and I can report that my progress has been slow but steady. But that’s me all over, so this is no surprise at all. I started off spinning up a 100 gram packet of Louet Coopworth roving in a natural light brown colour. It’s going well. I’m not terribly impressed with this roving – it has quite a few little slubs in it, as well as regular bits of hay (or what people generally refer to as VM – vegetable matter). I am picking out the hay bits, but leaving in the slubs. I suppose it will become a somewhat rustic looking yarn, but that’s okay with me.

Here is a picture of what’s been spun so far:

Half of the fibre (50g) is finished and rolled into a ball. The second half is still being spun. I’m pretty happy with the consistency I’m getting, which is my goal in this Tour. My arm is feeling a bit sore, though, so I’ve taken it easy today to give myself a break. I suspect that I grip the roving a little too hard so I’ll watch for that in the future. By this time next week I hope to have this spun and plied, and be well into the next batch of roving – another 100 grams of Louet Coopworth in a dark grey.


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