The Tour de Fleece – The Finish Line

The Tour de Fleece ended on Sunday (July 25), and while I didn’t get as much done during the tour as I had hoped, I did manage to finish plying this yarn.

This is 100g of Louet Coopworth roving, spun and plied on spindles into about 131.8 m of yarn that is about a DK weight (11 wpi). I have another 100g in a dark grey/brown that I hope to spin to the same thickness, which should give me plenty of yarn to knit up a nice, warm hat for winter.

Here is a close-up shot.

I’m pretty happy with the consistency, although I did have a bit of trouble with this roving. It doesn’t draft smoothly – the fibre really sticks together. But still, it was great practice.

I had a great time participating in the Tour de Fleece. I learned a lot, and was greatly encouraged by seeing what other people are able to do with their spindles (and wheels). I feel so inspired to try different fibres and techniques, and to see where I can go using such a simple tool. And although it’s unlikely that they will see this, I want to extend a thank-you to the people who organized and ran the Tour de Fleece this year and made it so much fun. And to the other people who participated and shared their beautiful work.


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