Playing with Line

Another thing we’ve been doing in the art quilting classes I’m taking is playing with line. Line is an important element of design, and in quilting it can come in many forms. The line created by quilting the layers together is one of those forms. I stitched a couple of small samples to experiment with using quilting lines for different purposes.

In this sample, the quilting lines were used to express emotion. These were done quickly and without stopping to think about them, so they are both rough and spontaneous. They did serve their purpose of getting me thinking about the effects of different types of quilting.


I used a pigment marker to write the emotions in each square.

Another use of quilting lines is to add dimension and shape to figures. This exercise square shows grids of stitching done in varying densities, followed by some simple shapes using stitching to add dimension.

line-density -exercise-001

Eventually these sample blocks will be made into pages for my skitchbook™ – that’s a stitched sketchbook. That will be a great reference for future work, as well as a record of what I’m learning and the progress I’m making.

The book we are using a lot in our classes is Threads: The Basics and Beyond, by Debbie Bates and Liz Kettle. It’s a great book full of information and exercises for developing the various skills that are useful for making art quilts. We are lucky to have Debbie as our coach, instructor and facilitator for our classes. She’s a wonderful teacher and I leave the classes feeling like I could do anything!


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