Quilting the Avatar Self Portrait

It isn’t a quilt until it’s quilted, or so the saying goes. I ended the last post with the top of this self-portrait finished, so on to the quilting.

finished top

I thought the sky fabric was busy enough without much embellishment, so I did some free-motion quilting along the darkest parts of the fabric’s pattern using a black cotton thread. This added texture without adding much visual distraction. I also used the black cotton thread to stitch over all of the black outlines around the cartoon figure, and to stitch down the accents (eyes, eyebrows, etc.).

For the shirt, I copied the pattern in the fabric, again using a cotton thread to add texture without too much more visual emphasis.

working on quilting

For the hair, I outlined in a rust coloured rayon thread, and then free-motion quilted some wispy hair texture. I stitched around the face with matching cotton thread. I decided not to quilt over the face, because I preferred the smooth texture. I also decided to leave the planet unquilted to preserve the puffy roundness.

working on quilting hair

Finally I did a bit of free-motion stitching on the ground to add some interest.

quilting finished

Then to finish it off, I trimmed it down to 8 inches by 8 inches, and finished the edges off with a satin stitch using black cotton thread.

Here she is: Self Portrait – the Avatar version.

finished self portrait

For more information on the creation of this little quilt, please see my first post: Self Portrait – The Avatar Version.


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