Postcard Album Pages

If you’ve been reading some of my recent posts you’ll know that I’ve been taking some classes in making art quilts, and that most of the efforts of those classes have been made into 8 x 8 inch pages for a fabric sketchbook. When we did a postcard exchange with a partner, I wanted a way to make pages to hold the two postcards. I decided to make pages that would be like photo album pages. They would hold the postcards in a way that would keep them removable for viewing.

Here are the postcards I wanted to mount:

postcard-from-A_0001 postcard-in-my-colours_0003

The one on the left is from my trading partner, and the one on the right is the one I made. I found a simple background fabric that looked a little like wood to use for both postcards. I decided to do some simple quilting for each page that would relate to the postcard that would be mounted on it.

For the postcard from my trading partner I did some free-motion sketching of branches and leaves using a heavy, variegated cotton quilting thread.

branches and leaves

I cut four 1 inch squares of a green fabric to use as mounting corners, like those that are used in photo albums. I folded them in half diagonally, positioned them to line up with the corners of the postcard, and stitched them down with satin stitch.


For the postcard that I had made, I decided to make diagonal parallel rows of some of the programmed stitches from my sewing machine, to mimic what I had done on the postcard. I used a rolling ruler to draw randomly spaced parallel lines on the fabric.


Then I stitched along each line, alternating between a few different stitches. I used the heavy quilting thread for this page, too, so I had to stick with simple stitches.


Here is the page with the little mounting corners sewn on.


To finish off the pages, I placed both quilted pieces back-to-back and finished the edges with a hem stitch, couching a decorative yarn inside the stitching to hide the edges of the batting. Here are the two sides of the new sketchbook page, with the postcards mounted on them.



Overall this page was a success, however it really should have some stiff interfacing in between the two sides. Because the postcard with the tree is backed with a stiff interfacing it stays nicely in its mounts. The strip-pieced postcard is only filled with quilt batting and is not at all stiff. I find that when I am paging through my book this postcard tends to fall out of its mounts because the page bends too much. I don’t think it would do that if the page were stiffened with an interfacing inside.

The other thing I learned is to plan better for the placement of grommets when creating two sides of a page. If you’ll notice in the in-progress pictures above, I left room for grommets on the left-hand side of both page sides. Which seemed perfectly logical to me at the time. But of course, once the two sides are placed back to back the grommets will go on the left edge of one side of the page and the right edge of the other side. Yeah. So, I ended up having to rotate the second page by 90 degrees to put a larger margin on the right for the grommets. It still looks fine, but I had liked it better with a horizontal alignment, as shown in the in-progress photos above.


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