A Tale of Two Table Runners

You know how it is when you have people over for dinner or drinks – you put out a spread of snacks on the coffee table so everyone has something to nibble at with their pre-dinner wine. You want the table to look nice, but don’t want the potential scratches or dings that can come from serving plates and cheese knives gone astray. Our coffee table is oval in shape, with an inset glass centre, and in the past I’ve used various things from small tablecloths to two or three placemats under the food. When I saw these Stonehenge fabrics from Northcott at a quilt shop I knew they’d be a perfect match for our living room and decided to make a table runner with them. A bit later I found this pattern called Moroccan Tiles (from Far-Flung Quilts) and thought it was a good match for both the fabric and the somewhat contemporary/classic look of our room.

When I’d finished piecing the top and put it on the table, I saw that it was a bit small for my purposes (dear self: allow me to introduce you to the concept of measuring in advance – it’s quite radical, I know, but you might want to try it sometime). I realized that if I were to double it, it would cover the table top almost perfectly. So, back to the cutting board I went, and cut pieces for a second runner.

table runner starting second half

Fortunately I’d bought quite a lot of each fabric, so I had plenty to work with. And here it is, pieced and stitched to the first one.

double table runner

Now I just have to layer and quilt it. I’m not sure yet exactly how I’ll quilt it, but I will probably go with straight lines, both in-the-ditch and through the larger open spaces.

Some details:

fabric: Stonehenge by Sunshine Cottage, from Northcott in colours 3952 (the light beige), 3954 (the pink) and 3955 (the mottled blue/rust)

pattern: Moroccan Tiles table runner by Carolyn Griffin, Far-Flung Quilts

what kept me company while sewing: Blood Ties season 2 and Castle season 1, both on DVD.


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