AKC!!! Socks!!!

AKC – that’s “Actual Knitting Content” – something I haven’t been posting much of lately. In fact, statistics indicate that I’ve posted more quilting content than knitting content over the 4 years of this blog (my 4 year blog anniversary just passed, in fact. My first post was on Feb. 6, 2008!)

To somewhat rectify this situation, I present my second finished project of 2012 – a pair of socks!

hiccup socks

This pattern came with a skein of yarn that I bought at the Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck last year from Holiday Yarns. It was a fun, quick knit with a clever use of purl stitches to accent the flashes of bright colour in the otherwise sedate yarn. It’s a cuff-down pattern with a standard heel flap with eye of partridge stitch.

The details:

Pattern: Hiccup Socks by Rowan Martindale (ravelry link)

Yarn: Holiday Yarns Jennifer’s Flock Sock sock yarn in the colour Night Fury

Needle size: 2.5 mm

My gauge: 8.5 stitches/inch

Sock size: small

Modifications: I made the ribbed cuff longer than suggested, but other than that, no mods.


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