Mountains of Stuff

This started out to be a minor clean-up of my sewing room. Somewhere along the way things just got out of hand, and it turned into a major decluttering and sorting of all of my craft supplies and more. I suppose that it was very much needed and long overdue. It has put something of a crimp into my creative output, though. Taken together with the spring yard and garden clean-up, I have been busy, tired, and without new projects to blog about.

In place of that, I’ve decided to blog about my sewing room. I’m giving myself the entire summer to chip away at this project, so I might as well get a few posts out of it, right? I need the time and lack of pressure to be able to deal with each decision along the way, and to think through solutions to storage and so on. I am not one to easily let go of things that might come in handy some day.

Here are a few pictures of things as they currently stand. I have been sorting things into labelled boxes. In these photos all of the boxes are in the room because we had an overnight guest on the weekend and I had to clear everything out of the guest room. I’ve been using the guest room as a holding zone for things while this work is in progress.

This photo shows my roll-top desk, the corner unit that holds the tv, DVD player, and cable box, the wicker chest of drawers that currently holds thread and other sewing supplies, and a corner of my sewing table. There is a tall filing cabinet to the right of the desk that isn’t visible in this picture.


Turning to the left you can see the sewing table, with my sewing machine and serger underneath. This table has adjustable legs, so I can raise it to standing height when I’m doing a lot of cutting. I can also use the table for doing other crafts like beading. Above the table and on the wall is a little shelf that I use to hold task lights and the sewing tools I always need when sewing. Above that is a window. Next to the table is a bookcase.


The bookcase holds my quilting, mixed media, knitting, sewing, and art books, and some of the quilting magazines. Way up on top are boxes of photos and photo albums that are all waiting for me to sort through them. It looks like an avalanche waiting to happen, doesn’t it? The adjustable shelves on the next wall hold small boxes of craft supplies, and some tools. Normally the ironing board is set up under the lowest shelf. There’s a small peg board there, too, and my cutting rulers hang from the pegs.


Turning again, you can see the computer desk, which holds various craft supplies as well as my desktop computer and printer. The little stacks of containers you can see are full of beads.


Next to that is a small closet with shelves that currently hold most of my quilting fabric. My cutting mats are hanging from the metal rod using pant hangers. Most of the stuff from the uppermost shelf has already been removed and sorted.


I have craft supplies stashed all over the house. Once I started unearthing everything I admit that I felt a bit embarrassed. It isn’t so much the quantity of any one single thing, it’s the sum total of everything that is overwhelming. Through the course of my adult life I’ve engaged in sewing clothing and home dec things (like curtains), doing cross-stitch and needlepoint, painting in watercolours, quilting (both traditional and art/mixed media), knitting, beading, and spinning. And probably one or two other things that aren’t immediately coming to mind. Like an archaeological dig, this round of sorting and purging has been unearthing all sorts of tools and supplies for things that either need better homes here or new homes with someone else. This is going to take awhile.

In the meantime, I am working on two craft projects. One is a pair of simple socks. The second is a cross-stitch project that has been nearly finished for several years. It’s about time to get that one done and out of the way.


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