Pieced Back for the Sampler Quilt

I never seem to get much quilting done in the summer. Between working in the garden and not wanting to add more heat to the house by turning the iron on, quilting just ends up on the back burner.

I did finish piecing together the backing for my sampler quilt. I used up a bunch of the leftover fabrics from the blocks and cut them into strips of varying widths. I cut them to 13.5 inches long, and stitched them together in a somewhat random order. On either side I added a 3.5 inch (3 inches plus seam allowances) strip of the background/sashing fabric. And on either side of that I stitched on the backing fabric. I had 2 metres of this fabric, and I cut it in half lengthwise.

piecing the back 21

The width of the centre section was calculated based on the finished width of backing that I needed for the quilt. Because the quilt top is 65 inches by 50 inches in size, I wanted the backing to be 71 inches by 56 inches. The backing fabric was about 40 inches wide before the selvedge edges were removed. Cutting that in half lengthwise and removing the selvedges gave me two pieces of fabric that were 18 3/4 inches wide. Allowing for 1/4 inch seam allowances, that meant that the pieced centre panel needed to be cut to about 13 1/2 inches wide. Here’s a close-up of the centre part of the backing.

piecing the back 24

I’ve also cut 2 inch wide strips of the background/sashing fabric to use for binding and stitched them together so that they are all ready to use when needed.

This project is now ready to be layered and quilted, but that will wait for a while. I am currently working on getting the second of the two rail fence quilts ready for quilting.


5 thoughts on “Pieced Back for the Sampler Quilt

  1. I just Googled “joining binding strips” and your tutorial came up. The one I was trying to use was so confusing, but yours was fabulous! It clicked instantly and I got the job done! Thanks so much! P.S. I like your pieced backing in those above pics!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. I’m glad the tutorial was helpful. Small confession: I often have to refer to it myself, as I never remember how to do it.

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