Crooked Rail Fence Quilts Completed

Completed. Finished. All done. What lovely words! These quilts, which were started long, long ago as a single quilt project in a class at a quilting retreat, are finally finished. My original plan was for a queen-sized quilt to cover the bed in the guest bedroom, but by the time I got back to the project we had long since redecorated that room and the quilt would no longer fit in. So I decided to split up the blocks and make two large nap quilts that will one day become gifts.

One of the quilts has more blue in it, so I chose a dark blue fabric for the back and binding. For the second one I used a dark forest green fabric for back and binding.

I quilted them both the same, using straight lines. First I quilted in the ditch between each row and column of blocks. That stabilized the quilt enough for me to remove all of the basting pins. Then I quilted two straight lines, one inch apart, down the centres of each row and column. I didn’t mark the lines on the quilt top. Instead, I used the edge quilting guide that came with my walking foot. I set the distance between the guide and the needle to the right measurement, then stitched the quilting line, making sure that the guide stayed in the previous line of quilting.

quilting first quilt

Here is a close-up of the quilting on the one with the blue fabric back. I used a variegated thread on the top. It’s a Signature thread, size 40, in colour M106. It blends quite nicely with the colours of the fabrics on the top without being distracting. On the back I used a colour to match the backing fabric.

quilting on blue quilt

This is the finished Crooked Rail Fence quilt with the blue fabric on the back:

Crooked Rail Fence blue finished

This is the finished quilt with the green fabric on the back:

Crooked Rail Fence green finished

Now that these are finished, I can move on to another work-in-progress!

I’ve written several other posts on the making of these quilts:

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Crooked Rail Fence, Take Two – the second quilt top is together

Putting It All Together – sewing the blocks together into a quilt top, step-by-step

Getting Unstuck – in which I try to get working on them again

Fall Flies Shawl – a brief mention of cleaning up the back side of the quilt top before layering


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