Quilting the Sampler Quilt Blocks – Part 1

I’ve been working on quilting the sampler quilt that I wrote about in previous posts. It took me quite a long time to decide how to quilt it. Sometimes the choices are simply overwhelming. I used my usual method of taking a digital photo of the quilt top and printing it out in draft mode on regular paper, and then drawing lines on the photo. It usually takes me a few tries to find something I’m happy with, but in this case I think I printed a dozen or more copies of the photo and drew all over them before settling on something.

I wanted to quilt each block in a way that would bring out some aspect of its design. I also wanted to have some sort of consistency from one block to the next, so that they would come together as a whole while still being individual blocks. I settled on sets of straight lines, in most cases about an inch apart.

The first quilting I did was in the ditch on every seam around the blocks and sashing to stabilize the quilt sandwich. I used cotton thread in a colour to match the background fabric on top, and a neutral polyester bobbin thread in the bobbin, to help keep that stitching invisible. Then I quilted the blocks. For that I used variegated polyester thread on top and in the bobbin to provide a bit of colour and sheen. I used the walking foot on my machine for all of that straight line quilting.

I’m splitting up the photos of the quilting over three posts to keep them from being too long. Here are the first four blocks.

I quilted the Log Cabin blocks in a square spiral about a quarter inch away from the seam lines:


For the Fair and Square block I wanted to add some movement, so I quilted diamonds that echo out from the centre. The lines are an inch apart.


I had a harder time deciding what to do with the Mother’s Basket blocks. I wanted to stick with the straight line quilting, so I stitched lines on the diagonal that are parallel to the lines of the top and base of the baskets:


The Broken Dishes block is quilted with straight lines in an incomplete diagonal grid. There are some places in this block that are quilted in the ditch so that there wasn’t too much space between lines of quilting.


That covers the first half of the blocks. The remaining blocks will be in the next post.

Some details:

Thread used for the initial quilting in the ditch is Superior Threads Masterpiece in colour 168 on top, and Superior Threads Bottom Line in colour 617 in the bobbin.

Thread used for quilting the blocks is Mettler Poly Sheen Multi in colour 9938 on top and colour 9302 in the bobbin.

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