Finished Feathers!

I’ve finished stitching all ten of the large feathers in the outer sashing of my On the Road to Minnesota mystery quilt. This quilt was my first attempt at free-motion feathers, and I am so pleased with how it has turned out. Although they are far from perfect, they look just fine when not being viewed close-up through my ultra-critical eye.

Here is a view of the whole quilt.

finished stitching feathers

Another view, without the flash, so the feathers show up a little better.

another view of finished feathers

And a close-up view. Again, not using the flash shows the quilting more, although the colours are a little bit darkened. The first picture captures the colours more accurately.

close-up of feathers

I love the way that the large feathers fill up that awkward double sashing, making it look like it was designed just for them. That big expanse of background fabric really needed something to spice it up.

In addition to the feathers, the entire quilt has in-the-ditch quilting around all pieced elements. Now I just need to add a little something to the large squares in the centre of the blocks. They seem a little too big to leave as is. The outer border might need a little more as well. But the end is in sight!

Pattern: On the Road to Minnesota

Designer: Border Creek Station

Quilting designs: my own

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One Down, Nine to Go


One Down, Nine To Go

Of course, I decided to go for the more complicated feather pattern, of the two I posted last time. I didn’t even bother to make a trial – I just decided to jump right in. So, here goes:

The pattern, traced on Golden Threads paper, and pinned to the quilt.


Partway through sewing. It wasn’t that much harder than the smaller feathers, but it did take longer to stitch. About 45 minutes to stitch the whole design.


All stitched.


Removing the Golden Threads paper. With the background of the paper removed, you can really see the pattern of the feathers. It took about 15 minutes to remove all of the paper, including using tweezers to get the tiny fiddly bits out.


And here it is, all done!


Just nine more to trace, stitch and remove the paper. Ha, nothing to it!

Pattern: On the Road to Minnesota, by Border Creek Station.

On The Road to Minnesota, Part 4

More feathers.

I finally finished quilting the feathers in the sashing between the blocks on this mystery quilt, On The Road to Minnesota, from Border Creek Station.


Now I have to design a feather quilting pattern to fit into the larger sashing space around the outsides of the blocks. The space is a combination of two sashing strips.


It’s an odd space, but it’s large and wants to be filled with something interesting. I have come up with two ideas. One is quite a bit more than the other. Here they are:



I haven’t decided yet which one I will use. The top one is my favourite. But on the other hand, there are ten of these sashing areas to quilt. That means making ten tracings of the pattern, and then stitching it ten times on the quilt. I think I might make a test sample of each one to see just how hard it will be to stitch them. That should help me decide. I am leaning towards the top one – I like how it fills the space.

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